About the Author

I am a software development project manager by day, black powder enthusiast by night and weekend. I got into black powder (namely in-lines) around 2010 and have been addicted ever since. I love the whole process and being so intimately connected with the ‘bang’. From the measuring of the powder to bullet selection to finding that perfect combination that was destined for your rifle, I love every step of it.

Throughout my trial and error I have thought, bought, and done things that ended up being at a minimum worthless, at the worst detrimental. I also found that the black powder marketing machine doesn’t necessarily have the shooter’s best interest in mind. Hence, Muzzy University was created.

I hope you find my posts informative and useful..even entertaining at times. As time progresses I hope to include videos and reviews of black powder products. Heck, maybe someday I’ll get PAID to do this and can quit my day job. Doubtful, but if Kim Kardashian can do it, why not me?

Thanks for taking the time to stop by Muzzy University. Keep your powder dry and your patches wet.

– Jarrod


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